Hanson Entertainment Industries, Inc. is a full service casting company,
NOT A TALENT AGENCY.  Please read all information BEFORE completing the forms at the bottom of this page.  Upon completion, please mail your form to:1332 Strassner, Brentwood MO  63144  (do NOT send via email!) 

The job of a casting director is to work directly for producers, directors, or ad agencies, to find talent that is needed for specific projects.  Casting Directors are paid an hourly wage directly by the producer, and are not permitted to take a portion of the talents pay.  A Casting Director finds talent through several avenues - including contacting local talent agencies as well as a search of files of independent talent and their own database.  Please click on the icon at the bottom of this page for a Talent Information Form for inclusion in our database of talent. Please mail your photo(s) and form. We only accept hard copy via U.S. Postal service. Please do not call for individual appointments.

The job of an agent is much different.  A talent agent only gets paid when they find work for the talent they represent.  The amount of pay the agent receives is a percentage of the total amount earned by the talent.  For union work, the agent receives the amount allowed by the union, which is currently 10%.  Non-union talent agreements are on a case by case basis, with the standard rate being 15% - 20%.  AGENTS DO NOT EARN MONEY BY CHARGING FOR CLASSES, INCLUSIONS IN “BOOKS’ OR ON THEIR “POSTERS” OR WEB SITES.  In fact, it is clearly spelled out by SAG/AFTRA that agents are strictlyl forbidden from charging union talent for inclusion on websites.  (If you are union talent and have been charged for inclusion on a website through your agent, you should report them to SAG/AFTRA immediately and stop making all such payments, immediately.)  Legitimate agents are not affiliated with schools, and do not require you to enroll in classes with a specific program, nor do they charge you for headshots with their own photographer.

We usually recommend that children who wish to work in the entertainment industry be very careful when/if they select an acting program or school, as they often produce a child who acts or sounds too much like a polished adult, rather than someone who appears natural and childlike on camera.   Additionally, be aware that acting for the camera is far different than acting in a theatre, and therefore, instructors teaching "acting" should specialize in acting for film, also known as "Commercial Acting".  A class which will increase their self-confidence by a knowledgeable professional giving them basic, important information (i.e., how to slate for an audition, etc.), can be helpful, if taught correctly by someone who actually works in the industry.  Other sources of training can come in the form of participating in community theatre, school or church choirs, school plays, gymnastics, dance, karate, or other areas that require them to listen, take direction, and practice and learn self discipline and gain self confidence.  In addition, children who are not of age to legally work must have a parent or guardian obtain an “entertainment work permit” through the Department of Labor in Jefferson City.  The parent must then keep this permit on file at home, and available in the event the child is hired to work.  There is no cost for the permit.

To be included in our database, please complete the Talent Information Form, and return it with a photograph which will not be returned to you.  If you are under 18, please complete the form marked “Minors”.  If you are eighteen or older, please complete the other form designed for adults.  Formal headshots and resumes are also appreciated, and may replace the information sheet, if all of the same information is included, otherwise, please attach the information sheet to your resumes.  Please submit photos that are less than one year old, and we prefer photos which show your teeth with a good smile.  Please, no moody, artistic, or glamour shots.  When we are hired for a specific job that requires talent who meets your description, you will then be called for an audition.  Please do not call our offices asking for auditions or work, or if we have received your photos, as we do not represent talent and cannot take time away from current jobs or clients to accommodate you.  We may call you immediately, or you may not hear from us for a year, depending upon the requests we are working to fill.

We also strongly recommend that you sign on to Actors Access, which is a free on-line service offered by Breakdown Services.  Through this service you may post two separate headshots, your resume and your profile.  Many of our opportunities are posted on the site for Actors Access.  When you meet the description for a project, you will receive an email from Actors Access letting you know of the opportunity, if you select "Instant Email Notification" as an option, which, again, is free.  We utilize this as a resource, in addition to our own database, on many occassions.

If at any time, you acquire an agent, or change representation of agents, please let our office know by sending an updated Talent Information Form, so we may make the necessary changes in our database for correct contacts.  Thank you and good luck to you in your performance pursuits.  We look forward to receiving your submission.



Kim Marie Swanson, CSA, CWE

Talent Information Form

Talent Information Form For Minors